Is replacing a door handle easy?

Is replacing a door handle easy?

A flat-head screwdriver and a new set of door handles are all you need to replace a knob or handle. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing a damaged knob or a handle that has become worn, it is easy to do. You can find a replacement door handle set at a hardware store, home improvement center or online. Soon your door will look completely different!

You may need to replace or repair your existing door handles. A quality door handle can last for 25 years or longer. There are parts that can wear out and sometimes fail without proper care.

Door handles are easy to replace. Most door handles can be replaced easily. It is easy to replace door handles. It’s another to remove them. You will need to understand how your door handles are installed before you can replace them.

Door handles may not all be the same

We can help you if you need to replace your door handle. Send us a photo of the door handle with the handle in it.

You can also measure the rose plate’s size and the cutout on your door to get some useful information about what you should be looking for in a replacement.

Some door handles need a 70 mm hole, while others only require a 25 mm cut.

Firstly We should ask: Why do you want to replace the door handles?

Is it?

  • They are not new and they have potential problems
  • b. They are not functioning correctly or are sagging – repair possible
  • c) I do it every few years to be annoying my husband – possibly divorce

Second Will you be replacing or patching up your doors? After the doors have been examined, this is a question that your handyman or DIY can answer. It is important to determine if the door works or needs to be replaced.

Thirdly Are these handles on a lock or latch? Is the lock, latch or privacy working properly? Are they worth replacing? This could require more DIY and handy-man intervention.

You may find that your door handles, even though they are in great condition, have failed to function properly after twenty years. A powder coat finish might be an option if the door handle’s finish is showing signs of age.

Removing Door Handles

Most door handles can be removed easily. Most door handles are fixed to the door using screws. Some will require a screw. Some may have concealed fixings under the outer roseplate. Some might have double fixings, which is a screw that can be accessed from both sides.

You should look for grub screws or hidden fixings, such as screw heads.

  1. Visible fix screws can easily be removed using a suitable screw driver.
  2. Concealed fix will come with a cover plate, or outer rose that will be removed counterclockwise. Or a slip-on cover that is secured by a rubber seal.
  3. European handles will likely have a push-on cover that will need extra care. The cover plate should have a small hole in the bottom. You can remove the cover by using a small blade screwdriver. NOTE remove grub screws first! Take extra care when using these screws as they could cause damage to the door.

The replacement of the handle fittings will determine whether it is possible.

It is a good idea to consider hiring a handyman if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

Before you make your final decision, you should ask yourself if the new door handle will work…

Fit the hole in the door with a

b) Will it need to be resized or filled with existing cut-outs?

We can help you if we have the handle and a photograph of the door showing its cutout. We recommend that you take them with you.

It is relatively simple to replace like for like.

If the handle is still in use and the fittings have not changed, DIY is possible.

Design and style of door handles can change. The handle may be the same, but the fitting may have changed. This may mean that you will need to do additional work on your door.

It is possible to find the same handle, but it may be made by a different manufacturer. This could impact price.

Is replacing a door handle easy?
Is replacing a door handle easy?


You may be able to repair the existing door handle. It may be possible to replace the spring or upgrade your latch.

An older handle can be re-lived with a heavy duty latch if the spring has given up and replacement parts are not available.

We would again need to be able to see it in order to determine the best course of action.

Refurbishment Doors

We may be able offer a refurbishment option if your door handles look tired and worn, but still work.

Older brass handles might be possible to be restored. The handle could be repainted, or the springs and cams could be replaced. Some might be suitable for powder coating.

We can help you evaluate them for refurbishment.

New Door New Handles

We have many options for handles if you need to replace the doors.

There are so many door handles to choose from, but we can help you narrow down your choices.

You will find the best door handles in the world on our website. Only you need to choose which one suits your needs.

What could possibly go wrong?

Although door handles can be easily replaced, here are some things to avoid:

  • Incorrect orientation for the lock – This is a common error when starting this project. After finishing the work, you find out that the door handle was not correctly placed.
  • Incorrect alignment of the holes when attaching the lock.
  • Drilling holes in your door can cause damage. Always keep an eye on it to prevent any splintering.

Not sure…

Send us some pictures if you’re not sure what to do. Bring a handle and door photos for a show-and-tell.

We will then be able to give you some suggestions, options, and a direction.

Door handles can become dull and worn over time. Door handles are usually part of furniture and not a piece of furniture.

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