These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022

These are the trends in kitchen design that you need not follow in 2022

Are you ready for a new kitchen? Consider rethinking your kitchen design if any of these trends are present. These are the trends in kitchen design that you need not follow by 2022.

Do you think your kitchen is ready for a remodel? Think you know what your kitchen design looks like? These design trends may be worth reconsidering if your design includes any of them. Even the most well-meaning trends may lose popularity. These are the kitchen trends that you need to avoid in 2022.

These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022
These are the trends to avoid in the kitchen for 2022

Home offices will be highly in demand in 2011, and not just the small desk in the kitchen.

The kitchen has been equipped with small work stations. However, work habits have changed significantly in the last year. People work more remotely from home, some are 100% remote.

This demands a defined workspace that is more spacious than a desk in the kitchen. This year, home office space will be more in demand than the small desk in your kitchen. Offices will move into quieter (and bigger) spaces that are less crowded and where Zoom meetings won’t be interrupted by lunchtime crowd.

Soffits, which are the rectangular structure located above your kitchen cabinets that conceals wiring, pipes and other functional items, are called “soffits”.

They can often be seen sticking out of cabinets, and they are almost always awkward. Although they are functional, designers discovered that they were a waste of space and ineffective design.

You can move your wires, pipes, and/or ducts to another location if you are doing a renovation. You can instead install taller cabinets that will provide more kitchen storage. You can even raise your cabinets to the ceiling.

White kitchens are timeless in design.

There will always be room for the white kitchen. But, designers are concerned about white looking too flat or cheap. They will be a kitchen trend to avoid for 2022, unless you make some modifications. . .

There are many options for doing all white without getting too fancy. Use accents or an equal amount of another color to give some context. White doesn’t need be loud and vibrant. You can use a neutral color or metallic to elevate it. A texture could be an option for your white kitchen. You can also add texture to your white kitchen for a deeper look and richer design.

Granite countertops are a kitchen trend that you need to avoid in 2022

They were the most popular countertop in the 90s and 2000s. But they look so outdated now. Quartzite, the new favorite countertop in kitchen design is a beautiful but expensive option.

The idea behind quartzite’s popularity is vein vs. granite. Granite is a coarse-grained rock. This is what gives granite its speckled appearance.

Veined stone like quartzite or marble have strands of darker and lighter stones running through a solid surface. You should avoid the speckled look. Any countertop surface with a darker color or veining, such as marble, concrete, wood, and engineered stone will be in style.

The beautiful detailing that we all love over the years is slowly disappearing.

Today’s trend is towards simplicity and minimalism. While details are great for personalization and character they can also age poorly and can become heavy.

Plain and chic can be worn alone or dressed up. You can always add accents to make the design more interesting. These accents don’t have to be permanent. They can be removed as trends change.

Simple stays relevant longer. It can also help you sell your home. Potential home buyers are able to customize a simple kitchen.

The kitchen is functional in its primary role.

However, in 2022, the trend is more towards a visually simpler approach.

Toaster ovens or stand mixers will disappear from view in the pantry. Microwaves which are placed over the stove will stop working. The better your kitchen will look, the less functional items you have.

You will see a rise in the styles of refrigerator and dishwasher cabinet doors. There might be a design that virtually disappears from the kitchen.

Style Mismatch

We won’t be returning to living in separate kitchens or living rooms. A well-designed open floorplan requires careful planning. The whole space needs to feel complete.

It’s no longer possible to have a rustic-style kitchen in a predominantly mid-century contemporary floor plan. You can avoid making a design mistake by being aware of your tastes and being able use them throughout your open floorplan so that you don’t have a mismatched or cluttered kitchen.

Short Backsplashes are no longer required for backsplashes of more than four inches or 18 inches.

They’re not functionally or stylistically appropriate. In 2022, full backsplashes will be popular from the countertop to your cabinets. Designers favor extending your backsplash material to the walls. You can make your kitchen the centerpiece of your design by adding a full wall backsplash.

It may be necessary to remove the four-inch backsplash. Kitchens with shorter backsplashes often use the same material that the countertop. However, it is possible to have a taller backsplash. You can choose to use tile, glass and mirror, or any other washable surface.

Now you can tackle your remodel. You are now ready to remodel your kitchen.

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