Interior Door Handles

Handle Craft offers a wide range of door handles, including pull door handles and lever door handles. Explore our selection of different styles and finish options that we have available, from timeless stainless steel, to classic antique door handles.

Our ranges are grouped by finish, style and base material, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Broad variety of styles

Whether you are looking to refurbish your home or simply refresh your decor, our stylish range of door handles will help you finalise your vision. Our range is available in a variety of styles, and includes Contemporary door handles, Art Deco door handles, Classic door handles and Aged door handles styles to name just a few.

Contact our team in Dublin for any advice or suggestions you may need to complete your project.

Is replacing a door handle easy?

A flat-head screwdriver and a new set of door handles are all you need to replace a knob or handle. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing a damaged knob or a handle that has become worn, it is easy to do. You can find a replacement door handle set at a hardware store, home improvement center or online. Soon your door will look completely different!

Should I choose door knobs or lever handles?

Because they are simpler to use, levers are more practical. Levers are also easier to use and require less grip. Door knobs are more difficult to install because they require a deeper backset. This is the distance between the edge of your door frame and the metal rod of your knob.

You can swap out a lever handle for a knob if the door originally had a lever handle. Door knobs are not recommended for doors with a width of less than 75mm. The decision is up to you if you are starting from scratch.

What should I consider if I am replacing my door furniture?

It is crucial that you fit new latches with new door handles. Don’t just replace the knobs. This will ensure that you have the best springing and your lever handle will be horizontal.

You will also need a two-way latch if you use doorknobs. It can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise. It doesn’t make sense to have a fancy new handle if the internal hardware isn’t compatible.

Certain finishes are stronger than others. Choose something that suits the environment.

Are there any rules regarding finishes?

First, pick one finish and ensure that it is available for all elements of the door hardware. Some finishes are stronger than others so make sure you choose something that’s suitable for your environment.

Living finishes are those that develop a patina over time. This is the case with the brass handle of the ‘Lama’ by Gio Ponti, Olivari. It was used by Universal Design Studio in a recent retail project. Unlacquered or living finishes can change over time. That is what makes them so beautiful.

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