CANITE Pendant Lights Single

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Available as a single light or a set of three lights, the smoked glass finish and streamlined silhouette of CANITE pendant lights creates a delicate glow which is more than easy on the eye.

The contours of the glass together with the beautiful tobacco tint creates a cosy atmospheric ambiance. The brass finish of these lights creates a contemporary yet luxurious feel. The handmade globes hang delicately from a black wire stem which can be adjusted to suit your needs. The single lights are perfect for smaller spaces or if you require a low-key feel. Alternatively, our three bar pendant lights which hang elegantly from a matte black ceiling plate look impressive in kitchens, over breakfast bars or over dining room tables.

  • Style - A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Cord Length - 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm, 350cm, 400cm
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