Materials for tRACK shelving system

Everlasting quality

Galvanically treated steel struts, robust shelves, environmentally friendly paints. We only use high-quality materials for tRACK. The high quality and timeless design make our shelving system particularly long lasting.

Materials for tRACK shelving system
Materials for tRACK shelving system

Sandwich bottoms

The eight-millimetre-thick metal sandwich shelves consist of three layers glued together. The outer skin of these shelves is a specially powder-coated, very stable sheet steel. A special acoustic honeycomb is installed between the layers.

Close-up of the steel struts on a tRACK shelf.


The surface of the 25 x 25-millimetre square steel struts is either electroplated or powder-coated, depending on the chosen finish.

The T-connector of the tRACK shelving system in close-up.


The connectors are the central functional and design elements. Made of die-cast zinc, the elements are firmly anchored into the struts.

A tRACK shelving system with various insertable baskets.

Insertable carcass

The carcass is made of laminated medium-density fibreboard (MDF). It is uniformly painted inside and outside.

Close-up of the surface of a tRACK shelf.

Surface – shelf

The surfaces are either galvanically treated or powder coated. This powder coating contains five percent Teflon. This reduces the static charge of the shelf and makes the surfaces less sensitive to dust and small particles.

Close-up of two slide-in units for the tRACK shelving system.

Surface – body

For the surface of the carcass, we use a formaldehyde-free water-based paint, which is built up in the standard way in three layers. The powder coating increases the materials’ durability.

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