Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Knobs

Sleek and space-efficient Cabinet Knobs from HandleCraft

Enjoy an offering of cabinet hardware with the widest selection of finishes, materials, and design combinations. A voyage through our collection Cabinet Knobs lets you experience unique creations crafted by world-renowned designers and manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.

No matter the style of your space, find cabinet knobs and pulls that elevate the look of dressers or chests. Choose between handles, knobs and pulls when selecting a hardware design for your drawers and other storage. Drawer handles offer more area to grab onto, while cabinet knobs are sleek and space-efficient.

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Small but impactful, knobs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen, it must coordinate, be comfortable, and enhance the design of the outfit. So before you buy, do your research, order samples, and check finishes with your kitchen materials to get the perfect fit.

Knobs are mounted to the exterior of the cabinet door panel and are a simple, easy to install option for opening and closing your doors.

They are most commonly used on cabinets fronts, but they can also work for small drawers. They only require a single screw to install and come in a wide range of sizes, styles, materials, and finishes. Cabinet Knobs come in many shapes such as mushroom, plate, globe, square, plate, and novelty but all are designed to be easy to grab.

Different shapes

Knobs come in many shapes such as mushroom, plate, globe, square, plate, and novelty but all are designed to be easy to grab.

Tips for Cabinet Knob & Pull Installation

  • Knobs tend to twist and turn as they loosen over time. The problem is, not all knobs are round. It’s especially noticeable with oblong, square, rectangular, and irregular-shaped knobs after they’ve worked themselves crooked. To solve this problem, place a tiny drop of super glue on the back of the knob just before you install it to keep it from spinning. Go even further by applying thread sealant on the knob’s screw before it’s tightened.
  • Centered knob may not appear centered when it isn’t eye-level. Before you begin drilling into your doors and drawers in the kitchen, make sure you’re happy with where you’re mounting your hardware. Try to use a bit of adhesive putty to temporarily attach your knobs or pulls to your cabinets. Then, take a few steps back and a stroll around your room to get a good view from every angle. Adjust as desired, then mark the mounting location you settle on.
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